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Private Placements

Public and private businesses and corporations often turn to the private capital market to seek necessary funding for their businesses. Private placements of securities are offerings of securities that are sold under an exemption from SEC and state registration requirements. Private Placements are a much quicker and much less expensive method of raising money than a public offering. We have worked with hundreds of clients, to assist them in the private placement of their stock or other securities.

Structured Approach:

  • We meet with clients to assess their needs and goals.
  • We analyze the proposed transaction to determine the best available exemption for the client, to avoid registering the securities.
  • We conduct our due diligence and obtain all relevant information.
  • We draft the private placement memorandum or other documents necessary to conduct the private placement in a way that complies with applicable laws.
  • We prepare the necessary filings to be made with the SEC and with each state where sales will be made.
  • We work with the client to close the offering and distribute the proceeds of the offering.

Representative Experience:

  • Regulation D offerings
  • Rule 504 offerings
  • Blue Sky filings in all 50 states
  • 4 (1/2) offerings
  • Section 4(2) exempt offerings
  • De Minimus exempt offerings
  • SCOR Offerings
  • Intrastate offerings
  • Sale of common stock/preferred stock
  • Sale of debt or bonds
  • Sale of limited partnership units
  • Sale of limited liability company units or shares
  • Sale of warrants
  • Sale of options to purchase securities


Why Choose Us?

  • Unlike many large law firms with whom we compete, we do not overstaff our engagements or staff them with inexperienced lawyers. Instead, we staff our engagements with seasoned, experienced lawyers; result - many engagements require a single attorney to get the job done.
  • More affordable fee structure.
  • More responsive representation.

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