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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions/Sale or Purchase of Business

The acquisition or sale of a business is often one of the most important events in the life of an entrepreneur or business person. The attorneys at Jones & Haley help smooth the way for these dramatic transactions by providing experienced counsel to our clients and assuring that the proposed transaction meets our client's expectations.


  • We have represented hundreds of public as well as private companies in merger and acquisition transactions.
  • We have represented buyers of businesses and sellers of businesses.
  • Transactions have ranged in size from a few thousand to several hundred million dollars.
  • We have represented clients in transactions that have been structured in the form of the most basic sale of assets or stock, to the most complex reverse triangular merger.


  • We have specialized expertise in providing representation in transactions involving business brokers.
  • We have acted as counsel to buyers of businesses, sellers of businesses, and brokers involved in such transactions.

Structured Approach:

  • First, we meet with the client to discuss the proposed transaction and the goals of the client.
  • We next perform a due diligence review and we examine the business to be acquired.
  • We clean up any troublesome issues that might reduce the value of the client's business or which might be an impediment to closing the transaction.
  • We work closely with the client to assure that the terms of the proposed transaction meet the client's expectations.
  • We work with counsel for the opposing side to prepare the documentation necessary to protect our client's interests and to accomplish their goals.
  • We prepare a successful and efficient closing.


  • We see our role as a facilitator of the transaction, not an as impediment to it.
  • We want to help the client close the transaction in a way that protects the client's interest, and meets the client's financial goals.

Structure of Sample Transactions:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisition through sale of stock
  • Acquisition through sale of assets
  • Sale of business
  • Purchase of business
  • Corporate migrations - to change the state of incorporation
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Acquisition of subsidiaries
  • Recapitalizations
  • Reverse mergers
  • Corporate consolidations (three party mergers)
  • Triangular mergers
  • Reverse triangular merger

Representative Experience:

  • Represented public telecommunication company in a spin-off of a subsidiary to its shareholders.
  • Represented private company in the reorganization of its nursing home business.
  • Represented Atlanta's largest residential mortgage company in its sale to a national bank (Stock sale).
  • Represented owners of a private software company in the sale of their business to Microsoft (Stock sale).
  • Represented public company in the acquisition of an oil and gas company (Stock sale).
  • Represented private book publisher in the sale of its business to media conglomerate (Stock sale).
  • Represented private personnel company in the sale of its business to a public company (Asset sale).
  • Represented construction company in the sale of its business to a public electric utility (Stock sale).
  • Represented public Israeli company in the acquisition of pharmaceutical testing company (Stock purchase).


Why Choose Us?

  • Unlike many large law firms with whom we compete, we do not overstaff our engagements or staff them with inexperienced lawyers. Instead, we staff our engagements with seasoned, experienced lawyers; result - many engagements require a single attorney to get the job done.
  • More affordable fee structure.
  • More responsive representation.

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