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Corporate America Recognizes Jones & Haley, P.C. as the Best Business Law Firm in Georgia.

Jones & Haley is a small, highly sophisticated business law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Richard Jones, a partner, discusses how the firm prides itself on providing big firm expertise, while delivering small firm personal service and value. The firm recently enjoyed winning the Best Business Law Firm - Georgia accolade as part of the 2017 National Finance and Banking Awards

Jones & Haley focuses on a broad range of sophisticated legal services, including business/corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), securities law and software and IT law.

Partner Richard Jones notes, "our attorneys strive to develop close relationships with our business clients to understand their needs and to assist them in solving their problems in a high quality, efficient and effective manner, consistent with the highest ethical standards"

Business clients realize that today's complicated fast-paced business climate requires competent, responsive legal counsel and planning. Our lawyers commit themselves to assisting clients in solving problems created by this demanding business climate. Our representation is directed to close the deal, provide high quality legal services and assist our client in solving their problems as efficiently as possible and at a fair and reasonable cost.

Jones & Haley has recently been recognized as 'The Best Business Law Firm in Georgia' by Corporate America.

'We're delighted to receive such a prestigious award and we owe our success to a lot of hard work and talented people' responds Richard.

He continues "It is a confirmation that our dent- first based approach to delivering legal services is being recognized and appreciated".

As Jones & Haley is a relatively small firm, Richard believes it's easy to ensure that everyone who provides services to clients does so on a consistent cultural basis.

Industry Outlook Our clients understand that many of today's markets move fast. We work hard to stay at the forefront of such changes and to simplify key issues for our clients to help maintain their awareness and readiness to face these challenges, to take advantage of opportunities and to make their businesses a success.

Right now, the American finance industry is in a state of flux following the election and there are a lot of pitfalls but there are also a lot of opportunities out there as well. We help our clients avoid the former while taking advantage of the latter.

Economic challenges continue to affect our sector. The business environment after the 2008 slowdown was challenging. That's now turned around and there is a sense of optimism and bullishness in the economy.

With respect to specific regional challenges and opportunities, Richard adds, "I find that there is less and less regionalism in the practice of law now. Today, we represent many international clients and with the intemet, international borders are much less of a hindrance to getting business done. This is an exciting prospect for a small firm".

Jones & Haley provides sophisticated legal services, such as securities law and mergers and acquisitions, that are usually only found in large law firms. Yet we can provide the services much more economically, because we are a smaller firm with lower overhead.

We are seeing a lot of optimism in the market, and we are currently involved in some very exciting M&A deals and securities law transactions. We hope to help our clients attain success in these deals and our reward is their success.

Company; Jones & Haley, P.C.
Name: Richard W Jones
Web Address:
Address: 750 Hammond Drive, Building 12, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30328
Telephone: +1 770 804 0500

Recognized by The Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of Atlanta's Top Law Firms

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