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Commercial Litigation

The Firm works closely with its clients in an effort to avoid or minimize problems. However, in today's litigious environment virtually all active businesses sooner or later find themselves embroiled in a controversy that will be resolved by the courts or some regulatory body. These controversies are often extremely important to the ongoing business prospects of the client and they must be dealt with in an efficient and effective way to minimize their impact on the client. In these cases, the Firm provides a broad range of litigation services to its clients, whether they are the plaintiff or a defendant. The Firm's attorneys are active in arbitration and administrative proceedings as well as in proceedings in state and federal courts. Generally, these services are provided to the Firm's ongoing business clients as part of the Firm's problem solving approach to client representation.

In addition to common contract disputes and employer/employee disputes, the Firm represents clients in specialty litigation in such areas as securities violations, RICO claims, class action suits, and breaches of covenants not to compete. The Firm also represents clients in connection with issues related to creditors' and debtors' rights as well as uniform commercial code disputes, and construction contract disputes. In addition, the Firm represents clients in dealing with commercial distress situations and assists them in workout arrangements and refinancings with financial institutions and creditors.

Whether the Firm represents the plaintiff or defendant in a litigation matter, the Firm's attorneys recognize the extraordinary burden that litigation of this nature places on a thriving entrepreneurial business, and the Firm is a zealous advocate of its clients' interests and will act decisively and forcefully to protect those interests. Nonetheless, the Firm recognizes that in some instances negotiation and resolution of disputes is a more effective result for the client than a multi-year prolonged litigation of the matter. In those cases the Firm will assist the client in negotiating a settlement of the matter that provides the best possible result for the client.

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  • Unlike many large law firms with whom we compete, we do not overstaff our engagements or staff them with inexperienced lawyers. Instead, we staff our engagements with seasoned, experienced lawyers; result - many engagements require a single attorney to get the job done.
  • More affordable fee structure.
  • More responsive representation.

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